Stages for Youth

This summer I am working on a very rewarding project called Stages For Youth which is a summer camp that will teach filmmaking to teens. One of the key components of the camp is reaching out to under-represented kids and kids at risk. About 1/3 of the participants fit that category, the other 2/3’s are simply kids who want to make movies. Funded entirely with grant money from Activities Beyond the Classroom, it is free to all participants.

With only five days to teach everything needed to produce a short film by Friday, it’s more of a bootcamp, really.  We’ve been well received b  local filmmakers, writers, DP’s and collaborators who are volunteering their time to support this worthy camp. On Monday, writer Paige Soliday will help the kids choose their topics and break into groups. Then she’ll workshop the campers’ scripts and story ideas. On Tuesday, Alphonzo Wesson will discuss directing and how to translate ideas to film. On Wednesday, each group will be assigned a camera person and they hit the streets to film their story. On Thursday and Friday, Cincinnati State has generously offered their media labs to our campers. There they will learn the truth to the adage, “Films are made in the editing room”.

Visionary (and dreamer) Frank O’Farrell conceived of this camp and brought me in to help.

And I couldn’t be happier.


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