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New York, here we come

New York, here we come

Little Sprig Productions is taking it on the road to New York City.  NY is my old stomping grounds and I’m really excited to show Michelle around the city. Of course there will be plenty of fun on this excursion but we’ll be working too.

First, we are filming a series of short marketing videos for Sue Anello, healer extraordinaire, to use on her website.

HOT Minds logoNext, we are meeting Shannon Park and Sean Pollock to discuss resuming (or should I say “resurrecting”) production of Heaven On Their Minds.This documentary about the creation of Jesus Christ Superstar (the original rock opera album) began three years ago and picked up a lot of momentum along the way.

Ian Gillan tells Shannon his experiences of recording Jesus Christ Superstar
Ian Gillan tells Shannon his experiences of recording Jesus Christ Superstar.

We’ve already interviewed Ian Gillan (Jesus) and have verbal confirmations from the cast and the band. We even have Andrew Lloyd Weber and Tim Rice on board if we can prove financing. But the project stalled because we needed money and an editor to cut a Kickstarter video so that we could fly to London to interview the players. And then I moved to Ohio. But now that I’m working with Michelle who is an editor, I think we can get this project started again. Cross your fingers.

And finally, I have a proposal out to Habitat For Humanity to produce a short video for them. I’m hoping to arrange an interview while I’m in town.

I don’t mind a working vacation because it combines the three things I love best: my family, travel and my work.

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